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7 Places to See in Montenegro

This week, I am bringing 7 places to see in Montenegro. I enjoyed my time here, it really only took me a day to see everything this place had to offer! However, I recommend spending two nights in this beautiful country to get an even fuller experience.

1. Kotor

A fortified bayside town thats worth the stroll around. There’s tons of Medieval architecture all around. Be warned, there are cats everywhere and theres an interesting story behind it! They’re very much friendly, but just giving the heads up.

2. Budva

Another medieval town, that is located along the Budva River also known for Adriatic beaches a& nightlife.

3. Podgorica

The Capital of Montenegro, with modern millennium Bridge and nearby Lake Skadar!

4. Persat

Churches, places, monasteries, and beaches !

5. Cathedrals

As usual, you will find interest in different Cathedrals, be sure to check out the cathedral on the island! It’s a must see. Cathedral of Saint Tryphon- its located in the center of the water and a quick boat ride will get you there from Persat.

6. Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a small islet and 5-star hotel resort on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, approximately 6 kilometres southeast of Budva.

7. The Mountains

You can pretty much see the mountains from every angle. This country is beautiful for that and the photos below will show a glimpse. I promise, none of these are edited! That’s how gorgeous it is.

Other Photos to Enjoy

Thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you in my next post. xoxox

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