7 Countries You Can Travel for Cheap

Here’s the truth.. Travel can be expensive, it can also be cheap. But- travel is a luxury for some. The way our world is set up it doesn’t guarantee that everyone can enjoy it without worrying about the financials and thats why I like to travel on a budget and share my knowledge with you all. I keep my blog posts short and sweet, because let’s face it I am not one to read through a bunch of text.

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In Today’s post you‘ll find 10 Countries You can Travel for Cheap!

1. The Republic of Georgia

Boarding Russia and the black sea Georgia is a great place for budget travellers seeing as you’ll spend about $50 for a boutique hotel, if thats your drift. Hostels are not bad either! If your looking for How to survive a hostel, I got you covered!

2. Romania

Romania is the budget-friendly adventure you never knew that you needed in your life. Tucked away in eastern Europe! The current exchange is 0.30c = 1 Romanian Lieu

3. Montenegro

I recently made a post talking about Montenegro! Be sure to check out the must see’s. This is a very small country and has a lot to offer if you’re travelling on a budget and is the perfect day trip if your in the area of Croatia! Daily Backpacker Budget $20

4. Croatia

Curious to see what a hostel is like in Croatia? Well, they do not disappoint. The only city ot be careful of while you’re in Croatia is Dubrovnik, it is a popular tourist spot of course because of Game of Thrones, and many cruise ships go there so you could expect to see higher prices. (When i was there I paid $5.00 Cad) for a coffee.. now that was expensive for me within the walls of the city. Daily Backpacker Budget $40

5. Thailand

One of the easiest countries to backpack and its so welcoming. I write a lot about Thailand on my blog so be sure to check out previous posts. Daily Backpacker Budget $30

6. Sri Lanka

To backpack Sri Lanka, you’re probably looking at an average budget of around $20-30 per day. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, and great food and people!

7. Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the cheapest countries ti visit in South America and it’s safe! However, always do your research with countries you are visiting. Its also a budget traveler’s paradise with good transportation. Daily Backpacker Budget $30

If you enjoy these types of posts, please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing my blog.


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