Canadians Let’s Travel.. Without Restrictions

Canadians can travel to 98 countries right now. However, travel restrictions for Canadian tourists depend on the destination/test results/ border security among other things. Today we’re going through some of the 98 countries that Canadians can travel to. Currently, Canadians can travel to 19 countries without restrictions!While Canadian travellers are only required to present pre-trip COVID test results to travel to 54 countries.

I’m going to be straight to the point and short with this one today. I find a lot of you enjoy these “quick reads” and most of you leave a comment or email me whenever you need more information. Most of these countries you can solo travel! and are Black/BIPOC friendly!

Theres also a question with “Where can Canadians Travel to without Restrictions”. I’ve compiled a list of a few places. Now, please double check all Travel Advisories for each country. Last week, I made a post regarding specifics to certain countries so check that out!

Most of these places require any of the following: PCR/Antigen Entry Test, Declaration, Screening Upon Arrival. Given, the situation around the world, if you’re looking for good COVID insurance,I have the hook-up for you! Book your travel insurance here. Travel Insurance Mania has many different options find the one that suites you!

A-F Countries

G-N Countries

P-K Countries

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you found this helpful! Safe Travels! Remember to take pictures and hastag #somewhereintheworld!

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