Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition)

Welcome Back! Do you have Tik-Tok? I post shortened versions of my blog posts there. Check me out and engage with me! I always like speaking with you. If this is your first time here, Welcome! If you’re a returning reader HELLLOOOOOO!! This week, we have

Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition). I first did this instalment with 7 Countries You Can Travel for Cheap and this week, Im going GLOBAL BABY. Now, right now is a tough time to travel, so if you have to please consider about getting some travel insurance just in case!

Also when discussing cheapest countries to travel to, also keep in mind I mean places where your money can go far. For example, the price of one meal in Zurich may cover a days worth of expenses in any of the countries listed below. I’ve compiled a list which can be a (wishlist) since I am not 100% which of these countries are open for travel. I have wrote a post previously about countries and entry requirements.

Now, let’s get into the information!


Is one of the cheapest places in Europe to visit. It is also home to one of Dracula’s 14th century Bran Castle. Trains aren’t always the best! But, its convenient and worth using to get around.

$1 CAD = 3.33 RON – a 1km ride will cost you about 0.75c (CAD)


A fairly new country gaining independence in 2016 is a beautiful place to visit. When I was there I spent in a day about $20 and that was more than enough to have 3 meals + snacks and purchasing souvenirs. They are not part of the EU, but they accept the EURO which was interesting. However, everything was very cheap in this place.

$1 CAD = 0.68 EURO


Portugal has been rated #1 places to countless times. Most of the countries must see attractions are free! Not to mention, traveling around the country is very affordable. The price of lunch as at expensive restaurant for two is ($44) CAD. I haven’t seen those prices here in Canada in FOR EVER.

$1 CAD = 0.68 EURO


I think everyone has heard about the amazing Budapest, this is a backpacker haven. Budapest is home to a long list of free attractions and partying nightlife. A must do is walking across the Chain Bridge. And outside the capital things get more cheaper for visitors.

$1 CAD = 239.68 HUF – Cost of Meal in Restaurant is about 2,000 HUF = 8.34 CAD

Republic of Georgia

On the verge of discovery this is the most interesting place I would say to visit thats under the radar. Filled with Georgian houses and contemporary archetecture it sure has character worth visiting.

Backpacker Budget – $20 a day Mid-range $40 a day.


Now when you think about Mexico, a lot of people flock to Tulum, Cabo and immediately say cheap comparing to Hawaii or Miami. In order to get the affordable vibe you have to explore Mexico a little bit more further than that. The Mexican peso continues to have favourable exchange for Western countries.

$1 CAD = 15.97 Pesos = Backpacker budget $40 a day.


At this point, Thailand please sponsor me. I love me Thailand and I speak about it all the time so I wont go into to much details. But, I’ve written some posts on Thailand and why you should go! I even have provided what a Morning in Chiang Mai looks like.

$1 CAD = 26.65 Baht – Typical meal price in Bangkok (Khao San Road) $8 CAD


Is among the cheapest countries to backpack/ travel as a family. The country is very well equipped with transportation and accommodation. It is also home to the worlds largest caves.

$1 CAD = 18325.49 Dong


Not many would consider a visit to Laos, but it is very close to Chiang Mai and worth the visit. Who wouldn’t want to zip-line through the forest or sleep in huts over night? If ever in Thailand make the trip up through the Chiang-Mai – Pai route.

$1 CAD = 7639.24 Kip


This is a place for more of you mountain trekkers. It ones of the cheapest places to do so, also Kathmandu is an exceptional place to visit down to the food. Routes through the Himalayas are very well supported.

$1 CAD =94.79 N-Rupee


Most people will automatically jumped to “Bali” but along the water shore you’ll find a lot of expensive resorts. When I backpacked Bali I airbnb hopped and it was very affordable and I Eat,Prayed, Loved my way through the beautiful towns. My CAD dollar went extremely far. Outside of Bali I budgets only $25 a day and that was more than enough for me to enjoy my time. I highly recommend taking a cooking class and learning about Balinese culture. It is truly magnificent. Consider visiting neighbouring islands of Lombok and Java and Nusa Pendia.

$1 CAD = 11505.30 Rupiah -Budget $25 a day (outside Bali)


Despite the history of Armenia, its defiantly grown to deserve a visit. Not as mainstream as neighbouring Georgia. But if you like going off the popular path walked its worth a vist and highly affordable to do so.

$1 CAD = 392.91 Armenia Dram -Budget $20 a day


I know that’s first thought that comes to mind is visiting Angkor Wat- which is true. Its a must see temple. That being said Cambodia offers a lot more such as, sands, food, and culture. Towns like Kratie along the Mekong River will also give you a taste of Asia culture.

Budget $25 a day- outside Siem Reap

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post; xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition)

  1. Hi Kyra,
    It’s Karen from next door on Queen St. I found your blog and am so happy for you. Travelling is THE best. I won’t be doing the backpacking thing, but I enjoy your posts about the different countries. I miss travelling right now. Had to cancel a trip to Spain and Paris in 2020. I don’t know when I’ll start again.
    I’m in Orangeville now. I’ve lost touch with your family so please say hello for me. I hope everyone is doing well.
    Keep up the interesting posts. Travel Safe.


    1. Omg! I am so happy to hear from you what a small world! Thank you so much for reading my posts!
      Please send me an email so I can connect you to my parents! We are also in Orangeville! My mom was wondering about you and would like to get in touch. My email is kyraboyce@live.ca


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