5 Beginner Countries to Back Pack Solo

Let’s face it, even us seasoned backpackers are going to be beginner by the time countries borders open up. Until then, I have been making my list of places I need to go. And of course Im going as a solo traveller.

Most of the places mentioned are affordable and have easy access to transit! Thats why I’m mentioning it. Have you seen me on TikTok? Lately, i’ve been double posting there my posts so be sure to check it out!

1. Croatia

The CAD$ goes far and the country is extremely safe. Not to mention you can complete the “coastal trail” and hit all the major tourist parts of Cro! One of my favourite places were Trogir, my hostel could fool you into thinking it was a hotel.

2. Bali

How can you not visit? Bali is one of those places where you can double dip. Essentially you can do it backpacker style or travel there lavishly! The choice is up to to you! Stay tuned for “Bali on a Budget”.

3. Italy

I completed Italy in early 2020 and what a time was it to be alive and there! Not to mention in my experience I was able to safely go as a female Black traveller. Italy is one of those places where transit makes everything so accessible and hostels are in abundance. Activities range from free to 70 USD depending on what you do. I highly recommend getting lost in Cinque Terre.

4. Denmark

Ahh.. Denmark I heard living here is another level of wonderful. I unfortunately have not visited Denmark, but it’s on my list of things to do! Denmark retains its spot as being one of the happiest countries in the world given the high quality of life. It also has its one of many hostels which allows you to find cheap accommodations to enjoy what the beautiful country has to offer!

5. Thailand

I know you heard it all before… I mean 1/2 my blog is about Thailand… From eat, pray love vibes in Pai, to 11 Must see places in Chiang Mai. I dont think you can have no wrong!

I also offer free travel help! if interested just leave a comment below and we can get in contact! I also wrote a post on how to start your adventure, as well as tips to find cheap flights. I got you covered for everything!

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Given the context of the world, i highly reccomend getting travel insurance! It’s just one less thing to worry about. If you’re looking for some Travel Insurance, check out The Travel Insurance Master who offer’s great plans for travelling outside of your home country. The process is really easy and they provide different options depending on your country and age/medical status.

If you’ve made this far, I love you! See you in my next post.


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