How to Save for A Upcoming Trip!

Welcome back my travel bugs! With 2022 giving us a glimpse of fresh air and brisk winter winds.. Travel season is among us and we can only pray we will be able to travel the way we use too! I know i’m dying for it. In the mean time, i’ve been getting on track with my travel and saving goals! Today, I’m going to be sharing some with you!

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  1. Open a Tangerine Account

Tangerine may be solely for Canada* However, this bank, I intentionally misplaced the card somewhere in the house* and just never replaced it. The main point of this is I have access to deposit but not to withdraw and there isn’t banks easily around to pull out money. Which makes it easier to save!

2. Put Aside a Reasonable Amount

Find a Tiktok version of your favourite fast food meals. This has expedited my saving! It also has helped with weight loss! One of my favourite accounts ! But, this is mostly for my booster juice cravings.

3. STOP Buying the clothes..Search up ways to differentiate your look

This has been SO HARD for me because i love anything comfy! Lately ive decided enough is enough and i wont let the sales get to me.

4. Do a Monthly Budget

Some people will do a budget once a year, for me I always do a monthly budget because realistically things I need to do will constantly change so i like to plan ahead.

5.Pay All Major Bills Right Away

On PayDay , I immediately pay all major bills first and deal with the rest later. However, if you did Tip #4, You wont have to worry about this part. But it can be tricky!

6.Check for work savings or coupon codes.

This month, I realized how much coupons/perks my work has! I always search up what deals they have and see if the thing I need can be used with a discount!

7.Use Gift Money as Your Trip Money

My top favourite to do! Any gift money, doesn’t matter the amount. Automatically becomes my trip money! and it makes things a lot easier for myself

Since governments are still not encouraging non-essential travel, its important to get travel insurance. If you’re looking for some Travel Insurance, check out The Travel Insurance master who offer’s great plans for travelling outside of your home country. The process is really easy and they provide different options depending on your country and age/medical status.

**Please note, some links on my blog are affiliate links and in no way am I forcing you to use my link. But, if you do please let me know so I thank you personally.

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