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5 Ways to Budget on a Trip

Hello Travelies! Hows it going? I hope the world is treating you well. You know me, since the beginning I have always been about those blog posts that are quick and straight to the point! This week, I’m bringing to you 5 Ways to Budget on a Trip. I know this may seem like information you think “duhhhhhh” to know, but things to consider for your next adventure! Speaking of next adventure, most places require Travel Insurance that covers COVID-19, thankfully I have you covered!

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Buy Less Stuff (WHAAAAT)?

I know, we get caught up with souvenirs for friends and family but honestly, when you’re backpacking this can really weigh you down. It’s best to skip this point and perhaps get a post card (their cheap and super light).

Book Airbnb’s/Hostels with Breakfast Included!

I know the breakfast may be small, but usually there is a ‘buffet’ style and you’re able to take as much as you want! This really helps with cutting out the cost of a meal during the day!

Opt for Off-Season

This is my number-one tip. Accommodations, tours, and even food will be much higher if you’re traveling during high season or the holidays.

Work Those Free-Admission Days

Depending on where you are, there are days where certain activities are typically free! Some fall on a Sunday, so always check the website of where you’re going to see if your time there falls on a free day.

Bring Your Student ID

If you’re a student believe or not places honour a discount for this! For example, in Croatia I always used my student card! – Especially if you are under 26, which qualifies you for substantial savings on rail passes, plane tickets, entrance fees, and more

Rely on Locals

Whenever I travel, I always rely on my airbnb host, or the barista I buy a coffee from or a local buisness owner I ask about what they’re selling, I make a point to get to know them, and share that I want to love their country liek they do and learn their culture. This always ends up working in the end because they want you to come back and fall in love! Most times, their suggestions are somewhere which ends up being much cheaper than booking a tour or going to a touristy area which may have lost the “real culture”

If you’ve made it this far… as always thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post! With love,

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