Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition)

Welcome Back! Do you have Tik-Tok? I post shortened versions of my blog posts there. Check me out and engage with me! I always like speaking with you. If this is your first time here, Welcome! If you're a returning reader HELLLOOOOOO!! This week, we have Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition). I first did… Continue reading Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition)


Canadians Lets Travel.. Without COVID-19 Restrictions Pt. 2

Last week, I gave you Counties you can travel to without Restrictions. This week, we going INTERNATIONAL BABY with NO COVID-19 Restrictions. Can you believe it?! I did some digging, speaking and got all the countries without COVID Restrictions. As always keeping it short and straight to the point for my readers! I promise a… Continue reading Canadians Lets Travel.. Without COVID-19 Restrictions Pt. 2


Canadians Let’s Travel.. Without Restrictions

Canadians can travel to 98 countries right now. However, travel restrictions for Canadian tourists depend on the destination/test results/ border security among other things. Today we're going through some of the 98 countries that Canadians can travel to. Currently, Canadians can travel to 19 countries without restrictions!While Canadian travellers are only required to present pre-trip COVID… Continue reading Canadians Let’s Travel.. Without Restrictions

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Top 10 Backpacker Myths I’ve Heard and People (Still Believe)

10 Backpacker Myths Welcome to my new followers, it's so nice to have you reading! This week's post is all about Backpacker Myths that I commonly hear. Most of these comment I've heard from conversations explaining to people why they should solo travel. Some of these myths do not extend to all people, but I… Continue reading Top 10 Backpacker Myths I’ve Heard and People (Still Believe)