Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition)

Welcome Back! Do you have Tik-Tok? I post shortened versions of my blog posts there. Check me out and engage with me! I always like speaking with you. If this is your first time here, Welcome! If you're a returning reader HELLLOOOOOO!! This week, we have Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition). I first did… Continue reading Cheapest Countries to Travel (Global Edition)

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5 Reasons Black Women NEED Solo Travel

Thailand Let's talk about solo travelling for Black women. The fear of sticking out, facing racism or fetishization makes solo travel especially daunting. Today, I want to encourage you to travel alone as a black woman by sharing 5 reasons why you should. To be honest, travel is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it can be… Continue reading 5 Reasons Black Women NEED Solo Travel



I want to express that my experiences shouldn’t be symbolic of the entire demographic of black women, but that as a black woman, these are various things I’ve experienced, noticed, and would like to bring attention to by sharing my experiences and what I've learned. Please note: I am not an expert, but I learned… Continue reading 8 THINGS BLACK WOMEN TRAVELLERS WANT YOU TO KNOW


OK, I CAN'T TRAVEL I WORK FULL-TIME OK? Think Again. I travelled as a full-time student to: Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. I also travelled as a full-time Masters student and full-time worker to Europe. It is, possible if you just try. I try to make travelling a priority in my life because it makes me… Continue reading